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In 2018, Steffany's design of a Snowdog wearing an Ashford-themed Christmas Jumper was selected to be created by the Oh Malones team and be auctioned off to raise funds for the Pilgrims Hospice as part of the Ashford Snowdog Trail. £2,400 was raised for the charity.

The design required hand-painting thousands of squares to match the look of stitching on a jumper. This took mother and daughter several weeks to complete

The proud pup was stationed inside Ashford's McArthur Glen during the trail. He now resides inside the Picturehouse Cinema in Ashford City Centre.



Both Malone ladies, mum and daughter are firm believers that art is for everyone.


Angela and Steffany have worked together for years on several projects where their work goes on public display, making them the go to duo for anything eye catching.




This picture was taken at a moment when Angela was taking a break from transforming the once white walls into something completely unique.  

Murals are something Angela has been asked to do for years and has always loved. She used to take a young Steffany along around age 6 with a pot of water and a sponge of her own to 'help' paint. How that Steffany is in her 30's she has learned from the best, and there aren't many larger scale spaces the Malone ladies can't paint beautifully. 

Locally to her area, Angela has restored and hand painted parts of buildings in Margate, Kent. Her wall art in the form of a man wearing a Fez can also be seen in the 'FEZ' bar just a minutes walk from Margate beach.

Steff has helped and learned how to choose the best paints, sketch a design to suit a brief and can now add mural and sign painting to her portfolio.


a MAP to remember


A very unique joint commission for Angela and Steffany came along a few years ago. 

They were asked could they design and hand paint an educational map for the Delapre Abbey, to be on display in Northhamptonshire.


This heavy duty cotton map needed to include the lands and properties owned by the Delapre Estate, and to include a few amusing stories too.


Measuring  over 5ft in length there were lots of unforgettable elements. Medieval script, chickens, foxes and nuns on the run all told a story. 

Not many mums and daughters can say they worked together to create something like this. This is what public art is all about.

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